Scanlon & Scanlon Latin Grammar One

An Answer Key for Scanlon & Scanlon Latin Grammar One, Lessons XIV thru XX.  These exercises are included in worksheet form as well, i.e., without answers, for the convenience of Latinists who may choose to work via computer rather than manually

Joseph Oliveri has kindly provided answer keys for the earlier lessons.

Answers Worksheet XIV Deponent verbs. Semideponents
Answers Worksheet XV Relative pronoun, qui. Interrogative, quis. Indefinite pronouns and   adjectives,  Present indicative, active and passive of ferre.  Review Lesson III
Answers Worksheet  XVI  Ablative absolute. Fieri
Answers Worksheet  XVII Indirect discourse, Infinitives
Answers  Worksheet  XVIII  Impersonal verbs. Adjectives of special declension. Uses of the dative

  • indirect object
  • verbs compounded with prepositions
  • certain intransitive verbs
  • agent with the passive periphrastic
  • possession
  • purpose
Answers Worksheet XIX  Comparison of adjectives and adverbs. Irregular comparisons Velle, nolle. Command with nolle. Uses of the ablative:

  • ablative absolute
  • accompaniment
  • comparisons
  • agent
  • cause
  • degree of difference
  • manner
  • means or instrument
  • place
  • quality or description
  • specification
  • separation
  • time when
  • with certain prepositions
  • after certain deponent verbs
Answers Worksheet XX Questions, -ne, nonne, num, numquid. Double questions, utrum … an, -ne. . an, an. Etiam and non as adverbial particles. Defective verbs. Uses of the accusative:

  • direct object
  • after certain prepositions
  • subject of infinitive in indirect discourse
  • duration of time and extent of space